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Having a CFO as a small business owner offers strategic financial expertise that can be especially advantageous when thinking about your business's growth and stability. I can help you navigate challenges, make informed decisions, and position your business for sustained success.

As your business coach I can be a valuable “asset”. By provide support, expertise, and motivation to help you navigate the challenges of starting and growing a business. I have a track record of providing insights and guidance increasing the small business owner’s success and accelerate their entrepreneurial journey.


How it all began.

Working part time as a tax preparer and working a full time 9-5 career.....and I was happy.

I never consider entrepreneurship as a lane I would ever tap a pinky toe, but here I am. As I said earlier, I am the calculator, and numbers are my sweet spot. So, when I took my first accounting class in high school I was in love.

I got my first tax preparer job with a firm in 2006 and working it for extra cash - you know the story. It was a “Hobby” because I had a full time 9-5, the extra cash was enough. But then I quickly realized I love the small business tax filing, and new entrepreneurs were not equipped to maximize their tax return with business tax deductions that were missed.

An outstanding experience

"Charese was so easy and fun to talk to during our consultation. I didn’t know what I didn’t know, but she knew exactly what to tell me to help progress my business forward in the right direction. "

Danielle Felicione


An outstanding experience

"Charese is precise, smart, and she'll ask you insightful questions about your business. She offers great content through many platforms and when you meet with her, you benefit directly from her straight-forward, down-to-earth approach. She has not only great financial tips, but valuable broad business advice."

Shrader Stone



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help you navigate challenges, make informed decisions, and position your business for sustained success

TTC Academy Membership - provides support, expertise, and motivation to help you navigate the challenges of starting and growing a business

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frequently asked questions

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What is the typical duration and frequency of business coaching sessions?

As your business coach we will meet twice a month and the program is for six months. With the options to sign up for the alumni opportunities to stay connected.

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How do I choose the right business coach for my needs and goals?

This question is about the process of selecting a coach who aligns with the individual's aspirations and challenges.

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How much does CFO services cost, and are there any financing or payment options available?

There are no financing options for CFO services, but you do get to pick your due date. We are umber people,, so we know that we have to fit things into our budget.

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How will the CFO services be tailored to my specific industry and business needs?

That is the main reason why CFO services are needed. Every business is different and specific strategies are needed to resolve business issues.

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What is business coaching, and how does it differ from consulting or mentoring?

Business coaching emphasizes self-discovery, personal development, and goal achievement through a client-centered process. while consulting provides specific expertise and solutions,(so you might just need a one-on-one)

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What does a CFO do, and how can they benefit my business?

I’m a bookkeeper and tax professional put together. So I come with bookkeeping day to day and tax strategies for year to year impact. It is the combination you need to scale.

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an outstanding experience

"Charese has helped our Chamber with webinars on finance and absolutely done a fantastic job ! "

Bedford Chamber of Commerce


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